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Lawyers and Law Firms Unwittingly Suffer Huge Losses From Bad Lawyer Websites

Posted on February 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

Lawyer websites are likely costing their Attorneys and Law Firms millions of dollars in losses a year due to poorly designed websites and low-grade optimization. In most cases, the Lawyers do not know it.

Many Law Firms use website-templates because they are affordable, and can be built-out or completed rather quickly. They actually are an excellent way to market their services, providing they work properly. However, as with everything else in the business world, not all template Content Management Systems (CMS) are equal. A beautiful website should not be synonymous with a well-performing website.

Some template companies have inherent behind-the-scenes design issues that do not enhance the performance of websites on search engines. And although the better template companies may have the capability for great performance, the opportunity for first-page results is often blown by bad website optimization or search engine optimization (SEO); unrelated to the template company.

There are many unnecessary optimization roadblocks to Internet success, but in this article we will focus on one major and preventable problem; basic site architecture or page navigation.

It is known throughout the SEO community that search engines give more value to your higher-level pages. We will say that your home-page is the level-one page (with the most value) and your other pages typically would be a level-two (of lesser value). If your law office had several specialties including for example ‘wrongful death’, ideally for optimization purposes, your Domain-URL should look somewhat like this;


The common mistake is this following example;

Not So Good

…Or something similar. Do you see the two forward slashes after in the last example? What you have here is a third-level page for wrongful death. Each slash designates a sub-page or lower-level page within the site. This latent problem (most people do not see it because they do not know to look for it; even though it is in plain-sight) along with many other potential issues, and other variables, can cause your website to have lackluster results.

Just for clarification, these forward slashes do not include the two slashes that immediately follow http: if the http: is included or shown in the URL, such as;

or without the www included, such as;

Where do most Internet shoppers look to solve their needs? Usually it is the first page! Where do you want your website to be? The first page! So right now, go to your website and select one of your main pages (not your home-page), and then look at the address-bar near the top of your screen. How many slashes do you see in your URL? If you see more than one, it is probably a good time to contact your SEO Consultant and determine what corrective actions need to take place. Fixing these problem areas may take a lot of work, but anything can be fixed if you want top results. Do not feel alone, this problem is not limited to the legal industry.

If I were a Personal Injury Attorney, I would not want to lose out on the opportunity to represent a wrongful death client, they usually payout handsomely (way more than the cost of doing your website correctly). Would you like to add another million or two to your annual income? Tip the Internet Scales of Justice toward you; improve your website!

Job Listing For Law Enforcement – Know Where and What Jobs to Get

Posted on February 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

Interested in joining the law enforcement? Are you encouraged and motivated to help the community in setting and protecting the established order? If that is the case, then law enforcement jobs should be considered. These professions are always available and are not affected by falling economies and market movements because we all need to be and feel secure no matter what happens in the outside world.

And what you need to do is to check out the job listing for law enforcement jobs. You can use the internet for sites that are focusing on these careers in order to see these job listings. You can use, where all you have to do to do is type in ‘law enforcement jobs’ and you will be shown the results of sites that offer related listings.

So you have accessed the sites that offer this job listing for law enforcement jobs. The next thing to do is to properly select the job that you want. Now this is an important thing that you should know. Don’t just jump into job hunting without thinking aloud what specific law enforcement job is best for you- or what enforcement of the law career you would like to have.

If you don’t know the specific job that you want, then job hunting online will all be for nothing! You should remember that the key to effective and cost-effective job hunting is being knowledgeable on the jobs to consider. And this is true as well even for careers in enforcement of the law.

Now there are a number of job listing for law enforcement jobs that you can choose from. And a quick check on some of the state’s websites will reveal a good number of these. Here are some jobs which you can check out when looking at a listing:

Related to correctional administration and justice:

· Correctional Officer and Staff for the Homeland Security
· Park Ranger Officer
· Interior Officers
· Security Administration Officers
· Defense Department Officers
· Police Officers and a number of other varied positions

Now that you know the direction of your career, then that would be the time when you really need to fine tune your search for law enforcement jobs. At this stage you need to know where you can find the best job listing for law enforcement jobs. You can always start at the home websites of the employers themselves. Once you have targeted the websites of the employer, then the challenge for you is to find these job openings. It is also recommended to tap school associations and even alumni groups.

These organizations are best for networking, and your network can be an effective source of job openings a well. Job listings can also be provided by recruiters and staffing firms. And the most common providers of these listings are your job sites, classified ads and the job aggregators. Learn these approaches. Focus on the avenues for career hunting, and you can’t go wrong and will be safe when searching for law enforcement jobs.

How Copyright Laws Fail Us When We Need Them Most

Posted on February 21, 2019 in Uncategorized

I used to worry about other people stealing my work. I do lots of different kinds of things so there is plenty to steal. In 35 years of being in business, I have produced plenty of exceptional photos, illustrations, graphic design, ads, websites, printed collateral material, logos, music and writing, to name just a few. And of course, I also have plenty of clients for all my competition to try to steal away from me as well. This is normal. If you are talented in any way, or in business of any kind, people steal from you.

What about copyright laws? Unless you want to waste lots of money hiring a lawyer to chase after every thief and take them to court only to get a judgement against them which they probably will never pay, what is the use? And that’s if you’re lucky. Most of the time in cases of Internet violation, you can never even locate the person responsible, let alone convict him of the crime. But it’s not money I’m after. If I were, why in heaven’s name would I be writing articles for Internet article directories who don’t pay for use of their articles? I write for such sites to get the benefit of linkbacks for my website and blog. What are linkbacks? They are a vital component of SEO (search engine optimization), as links back to my website from highly ranked, popular websites, which contributes to my achieving page one search results for my own website when appropriate keywords are searched on Google. It’s complicated but it works.

I recently was searching for some javascript code I could use to do something clever on my website. When I found what I wanted to adapt, I checked to see what the terms of use were. The writer of the code very humbly asked for a mere $5 if you wanted to remove his name from the invisible credits that would only appear where other code seekers would see it. Otherwise, it was free. How can you not respect a request like that? I happily left his name even though I needed to spend many hours tweaking the code to work in my situation but felt a certain kinship with this skilled individual that engendered the utmost in admiration and obedience. I treat others the way I wish to be treated myself.

It certainly was upsetting when I first realized that my articles were being used improperly and published as if written by someone on the website where I happened to find them. I checked the usage policies of the article websites to which I had submitted my articles which stated that it was required that articles be published with a signature line (meaning, author’s name) along with a link to the author’s website.

After reading that, I thought, “Oh, great! Maybe they will help me enforce their policies.” But after further reading I quickly learned that it was my responsibility to do any policework, notifying offenders of what they so innocently had overlooked. Once such violations are brought to light, these well-meaning publishers will be eager to correct their ways. Ha! That’s a laugh!

Not only do these offending websites have no way to contact anyone, they are enshrouded in secrecy by unknown hosts who ironically invite you to “report abuse,” only to inform you that they cannot accept responsibility for any individual blog publisher’s offenses. If you want to try posting a comment to communicate the violation, you usually need to register and log in, divulging all your own personal information, so your comment will ultimately get picked up by Google associated with a less-than-reputable website in some future search that will follow you to your grave. (Is this where we’re headed, as members of this Google-dominated culture we live in?)

As I was searching the title of my article which is how I discovered the stolen usages, I saw something else which made me realize what a tangled web we weave on the Internet. One instance of my article used my title verbatim, but what followed in the body of the article was what appeared to be an error-ridden, broken-English, horrendous translation from some other language, which suggested that this article had gone full circle. I imagined someone publishing my English-language article in say, Chinese, for example, and someone translating it back into English to use it on the website where I found it. Let’s just say I wasn’t a bit unhappy about the lack of attribution in this situation!

But this is sad… a very sad state of affairs, wouldn’t you agree? Or isn’t it, rather, “Wake up and smell the coffee! This is reality, so get over it”? Hence, my resignation. As a person with wavering self-esteem to begin with, I accept having someone pirate my work to call his own in the same way I accept someone cutting me off in traffic, or cutting ahead of me in line at the grocery store. It’s gotten to be so commonplace that what else can you do but just shrug your shoulders about it? Sure, you could make a scene but ironically in today’s society, you would be running the risk of getting arrested for breach of peace and instigating a public disturbance. That would be a perfect example of today’s justice. No thanks. I’d rather just look the other way and be glad that they’re not hauling me off as the real criminal for publishing interesting articles that tempt others to steal them.

But… just a minute! Isn’t that a website that has actually included my name as the author? And included a link to my picture and website as well? Well, now. Isn’t that nice of someone, to be so kind! Funny how abiding by the rules we’re all supposed to be following is the new supernatural, worthy of reverence usually reserved for the divine or the immortal.

Are we so jaded that merely obeying the law of the land has been elevated to an act of sainthood, and deserving of the grand prize awarded only to superhumans? I guess it follows then that telling the truth, showing respect, offering help and being fair are also beyond expectation for normal individuals, and anyone exhibiting such behavior should be honored with recognition as one of today’s superheroes. Never mind that many religions teach “Thou shalt not steal”; in fact, raised as a Catholic, I was taught not to even “covet” my neighbor’s goods, let alone go so far as to steal them. It was wrong to even “lust” after them, to use a term made famous (or would it be “infamous”?) by Jimmy Carter in a Playboy interview back in 1976. And certainly in civil law, everyone knows it is a punishable offense to take something that doesn’t belong to you. But this is more than that. It is not only taking it, but gaining glory from it as well! And in some instances, it is even gaining revenue from it because of advertising that appears as a result of its saleability and magnetic appeal, drawing cybertraffic to fulfill promised ad viewership. That should fall under a more grievous category and worthy of an even bigger punishment.

And if I were inclined to contact a copyright lawyer, I would be advised of my many rights in such a case. I would also be informed that I would be responsible for payment to the lawyer to represent me whether he was successful in apprehending the guilty party or not. Another case of divine justice gone bad. My rights are violated and I pay as a result. No pain, no gain, right? The pain being my shock and awe at having been so flagrantly ripped off; my outrage at having someone else impersonate me as the author; and my disgust at needing to pay a lawyer to defend my rights. The gain? Obviously all in the thief’s court, so to speak.

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